Killer Leg Session

Skipping leg day may seem tempting after a week of upper body dedicated workout days but training your legs is just as important as training any other body part if not more.

Why one should train legs? The answer is simple. Strength training your legs not releases growth hormones and testosterone, which helps in muscle building and recovery but strong legs also support your major compound movements like deadlifts.


Brutal Arms Workout

Looking to build big arms or just tone flabby arms? We are back with another banging workout to target those arms. This workout is specifically for people who go to the gym. If you’re working out at home I suggest that you have at least one pair of dumbbells with you.

Let’s get started!


Intense Core Workout

Want to get those defined 6 pack abs you see in movies? Try this quick but intense core workout. But before you start expecting to see definition in your core area, keep in mind that 70% of the work will be done in the kitchen. One needs to be consistent with their caloric deficit diet in order to see results from this workout.

Perform these exercises back to back for 30 seconds each. Repeat the circuit 4x


10 Mins HIIT Workout

Bored of running constantly on the treadmill or spinning the bike for hours? I’ve got you covered with a workout that is much more effective and fun at the same time. Try this quick HIIT workout routine to burn 300-500 calories in just 10 minutes. The best part? It doesn’t require any equipments and can be done anytime and pretty much anywhere. Get started with your fitness goals with this intense hiit workout now!

So let’s say no to excuses and yes to our weight loss goals!

METHOD– Do the below mentioned exercises for 30 seconds each back to back circuit style. Once complete, rest for 30 seconds and repeat 3x


How I started my fitness journey.

Before I dive into detailed workout plans and diet charts, let me start off by telling ya’ll a little bit about my own fitness journey. The main purpose of me narrating my own story first is to save you the time and effort of going on internet and researching for hours or days at stretch as to what to do and how to begin. It’s been almost 5 years since I have been into fitness and I can only wish that I had someone to guide me through it. That way I wouldn’t have wasted almost an year and a half doing stuff I absolutely had no idea about. I hope me sharing my two cents on the topic would help you in some way or another. So, take a few minutes off from whatever you’re doing right now, grab a snack maybe and sit back because it’s gonna be a long but definitely a productive ride.

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